Client Testimonials

I am alive again and living the dream!!

Let me share to you my experience with Dindo Ayuyao. Our relationship is one of a kind as Dindo became my consultant, then a friend and now one of my confidants. I was at my rock bottom when I met Dindo. My career was not clear, yet I wanted to do so much things.  Dindo guided me day and night-seven days a week. He was very patient yet firm, He wanted to help me. He was genuinely advising me on how to structure my path.  When nobody believed that I would be able to do my MBA, Dindo did. He was the one who helped from the start on how to get clean from my drug use and eventually what to do and how to work towards my dream of going to MBA. With Dindo's guidance, I am now living the dream and in San Francisco and taking my MBA.

Until now Dindo calls to check on me and he is still there for me when I need advice. Dindo visited be in the Bay Area last week and had our usual Japanese lunch. I can’t imagine myself to be in this wonderful position without his help. Don’t be afraid to ask help from Dindo. He’s not there to control you but really to help you find your path, I now have a better relationship with my family and I am happy again.  As what Dindo would always say “gagawin natin to para maging masaya ka”. ( we will do this for you to be happy)

Thank you so much papi Dindo. I’m alive again

I've been struggling with addiction and alcoholism for 15 years. I've brought so much grief to family, harmed people who loved me and was suffering from serious psychological problems due to my drug use.

When nobody trusted me and when I could not trust myself, Dindo did. Today I am 2 years clean and sober.

I'm forever grateful for having Dindo in my life. He's not just my counselor, he is also my friend. I love the life I have today and I live it with no regrets. My family is at peace and can enjoy life without having to worry about me constantly and seeing them this happy is priceless. The matrix model and its wholistic approach has allowed me to enjoy life. I now have a job and a small business and I get to do martial arts in the evenings. I've also dedicated my life helping others with the same problem as me. I'm so happy to have been given this choice and grateful for the freedom I feel today.


When i was first told that my son had been seen in the area which was notorious for drug pushers & that he was a user i wanted to vehemently deny it . Not my good , wonderful boy! But when my brain got over the shock everything fell into place. The leave from school , the small accidents. His getting hurt, his sleeping too much during the day. A family counsellor , an angel,suggested that we seek help with an addiction therapist but when my son lied to her , she told us that he needed intensive care & she was too busy but knows of someone who could help us or we could send my son into rehab. We searched ,asked a lot of questions then we sat down with DINDO. Listening to him we thought that he made a lot of sense & decided to go with his program. He became my sons' confidante, friend , mentor & big brother. Likewise he became our friend, & family & was always there for me, the mother who a lot of times needed an ear, advise & help.There were sessions with Dindo, my son & my husband which always put things in proper perspective.At the same time i felt that i could always count on him when i was in a panic. I will always be grateful to Dindo not just for giving me back my beloved son but for helping him become a man ..................

I thank God for Dindo , i thank his family for sharing him with us.

A Mom from Negros

On August 3, 1980, I took my last drink and achieved sobriety from alcohol. I am grateful for that step because it was not easily done. Gratefully, I have never taken another drink. For many years after that, life was very good.

Drugs became important to me about half a year after having bypass surgery in 1998. Following the surgery, I had been advised that I might face depression and that I should have professional help lined up just in case. The depression came along suddenly and severely and I sought professional help. But I took matters a step beyond and took control of the drugs and how much and when I was getting them. When the doctor who was helping me deal with the depression suggested a “drug holiday”,I cringed. In my mind, the drugs were what I needed and I didn’t want to give them up. They had become a crutch. I was addicted.

I changed doctors and found one who would issue prescriptions left and right almost without question. In addition to that, I secured sedatives online, having them mailed to me at my home. My addiction caused my concern for drugs to become paramount and I spent considerable amounts of time, effort and money on securing them and stockpiling and stashing them. The insanity began to reign supreme.

Addiction crept up on me, grasped me, and took control. Deep inside me, I knew things were very wrong. I wanted out. I met friends of mine in the addictions counselling field but never once did I say that I wanted help – which they would have given! I was scared.

My life began to deteriorate severely. I began avoiding people, places and things. And my behaviour became bizarre. Attendance to work and social commitments fell off as the amount of drugs I took increased. Friends were being abandoned and my relationship with my partner was coming into danger. Still, the drugs kept their hold, increasing until they threatened not just work and friends, but even my life itself.

My partner and two very good and special friends (luckily, Dindo is one of them) cared enough to take the risk of intervening between me and the drugs. I was sick and tired enough not to fight the intervention and was hardly surprised when they confronted me. I surrendered, almost. I sought to managemy own detox and that nearly proved disastrous. The lights went out. I later learned that I had to be brought to an emergency room in a non-responsive state and be given emergency treatment to revive me. Thereafter, I spent 10 days in the hospital being put back together physically so that I could get myself together as a human being. I was severely hurt. I was grossly embarrassed. But there was a spark of willingness and determination. Dindo saw that and worked with it. There in the hospital, we began to inch me forward. It was not easy. But the hope of daylight was turning into reality!

Dindo’s program worked for and with me in my circumstance in life and I feel that is its best point. It encouraged me to look at where I was and determine how I would change. I had a lot on my plate! But together, we began putting it together. It works if you are willing and Dindo worked with me as a professional.

When I look back at the year and two months since my friends, including Dindo, took the risk of intervening and I took the risk of going clean, much has happened. Not all has been perfect – life is not perfect by any means. But the balance is far and away for the good. I’m alive! I’m free! And I’m happy! Thank God! And I thank my partner, Dindo, and two other special friends for caring and being there for me.

I cannot fail to state my recommendation for Dindo and the program he utilizes. It’s true, he is a friend and a former colleague. Those facts did not get in our way. Dindo is a trained professional who cares, who worked with me, tailored a program for me, and helped me to get my life back. I’m very grateful.

Recovering friend from Forbes Park, Makati

Being a mother and witnessing her only son dig deeper into drugs every single day, it was like dying inside a little at a time. We practically didn't see him anymore. If he came home, it would be at 4am and he would be sleeping the whole day. Then he would wake up late in the afternoon and leave again at night, and would not come home for several days at a time. His whole personality also changed. He hardly spoke to us even when we were together at the dinner table. He would be evasive and not look at us when we were talking to him. We have been aware of his problem for a long time, but loving our son so much, we became co-dependents. It was very difficult to make the decision to finally do something about it. Until the time came when it was already unavoidable for us to ignore.

Then a friend recommended Dindo. She said that he was a very good addiction's counselor and gave me his number. So I finally put my foot down and called him. My husband and I met with him first and he explained everything from step one to the end. Talking to him, everything made sense. He knew exactly what he was talking about. We didn't want our son in a rehab center here because we heard that drugs could also be brought into these centers very easily... we have actually had experience with this first hand. So Dindo was perfect because the rehab centers he was affiliated with were out of the country,  in Australia, Chiang mai and in the US. we opted for the US Rehab Center. 

To make the long story short, our son agreed (Thank God) to go into detox here. It broke our hearts to see him so angry while detoxing but eventually, when the drugs wore off, he became better. After 7 days in detox, Dindo flew him directly to the States to be placed in a 28 day program. After his 28 day program, he spent another 2 months at a half-way house(Sober Living Environment) also in the States. It was the best decision we've made and now, we have our son back. He is now sober and going to meetings. One thing he realized was that we, his family, would not abandon or give up on him... but most importantly, that we love him enough to do this for him.

All these would not have been possible without the help Dindo. Dindo Ayuyao was a God-sent... he made it possible for us to have our son back and we will always be grateful to him. 

Thank you again Dindo,

Mother from Makati

I remember my first meeting with Dindo.  I sat across the table from him and tried to articulate my brother’s cocaine addiction. I was a nervous wreck.  Addiction was unfamiliar territory to me personally and I didn’t know where to begin. In an effort to understand the situation and keep matters confidential, I spent hours surfing the internet for advice and found it overwhelming. I felt pressured to make the right choices since most of my family resides out-of-country and there were many parties affected by my brother’s addiction, among them his young children.

I am grateful that I chanced upon this website.  Dindo’s guidance helped keep everything in perspective. He referred me to professionals who helped me understand an addict’s behavior, which can be scary and perplexing. His deep understanding of addiction helped provide us with the knowledge we needed so we could better relate with my brother and make educated decisions. I realize now how critical it is for family members to understand what is going on if they too are to be effective participants in the recovery process.  I appreciated the several coffee meetings we had, as well as the text and email exchanges where he answered my questions and concerns and updated me.  My brother seems to be more of himself these days – a voracious reader, easy going and gregarious.  He seems less critical of himself and more down to earth.  He enjoys the company of his children. I know it is a long road, but these are good first steps.

I learned that sometimes you have to trust your judgement and take your chances. My brother’s closest friends felt strongly that stay-in rehab was the only way to achieving a lasting wellness. This troubled me profoundly since they were better versed with the past two decades of his life than I was.  They are also astute individuals who love him like a brother. Dindo assured us, however, that there are no fixed formulas and asked us to explore our options. I believe that wellness has to involve the individual if it is to be lasting. There are no fast resolutions to undo years of dysfunction, no clear answers to assuage anxiety and no way to delete the uncertainty of relapse.  Recovery is as dynamic as the human person and to be lasting requires a journey into self-understanding.  It stretches love and courage, but most of all requires kindness.

Sister from Makati

Yesterday, I wrote Dindo, "I was cleaning out my old, OLD email and came across this – what a great leap I have taken since then, thanks to you!"

True to form, Dindo immediately replied "I am so happy to hear from you. I am proud that you have moved on."

It was precisely that – Dindo's warm presence and unconditional willingness to help – that saw me through my darkest time.

I had been using cocaine almost everyday, and in increasingly greater volumes. I used it wherever, whatever time and with whomever. Cocaine gave me an unparalleled high. It gave me confidence. It made me feel like a King.

Then, as with all other drugs, cocaine began to take its toll on me. My crashes got worse. My sleeping patterns went awry. At times I felt as though I was having a heart attack. I suffered a terrible bout of vertigo. I lost my Self. Then, I knew I had to stop. Before my using could start affecting my 9-year old daughter.

I tried several times to quit cocaine on my own, but kept failing.

I first contacted Dindo in April 2009, by text, upon a good friend's recommendation. Dindo was in Australia, assisting another client, but he called me at once. I have no words for the comfort that that call gave me. I felt like a child being rescued from a burning building.

I am now clean. It is a continuing struggle. But a happy one, one where you feel victorious every time you say "nah, not worth it." And I couldn't have done it without Dindo.

There is no substitute for a recovery under the guidance of a trained counselor. More so under a counselor who, like Dindo, truly cares for each of his clients. Through the Matrix Model, Dindo empowered me to achieve my recovery. Now, I realize that cocaine's "unparalleled high" is nothing but a farce, and that the true, genuine high comes from within me. Wherever, whatever time, and with whomever – and without a crash.

M from Manila

I am currently a client of Dindo who has struggled with a addiction for 15 years. My primary drugs of choice were cocaine, and oxycontin. I'm from abroad, and these highly addictive drugs are the norm within my circle of friends. Unfortunately, any attempts to quit lead to severe physical withdrawal symptoms including nausea, body pain, extreme flu symptoms etc. Any attempts to quit did not last for more than 2 days as the withdrawal effects were too severe. I came to the Philippines to undergo a morphine detox program at Makati Med which was a 7 day program in the hospital. It was there that my doctor introduced me to Dindo and his out patient recovery program. For most of you reading this will understand that quitting is not the hardest part of recovery, but rather staying clean is the biggest challenge.

After my detox was when Dindo came into my life of recovery. I was unable to attend our first meeting as I was still to weak and sick. After finally meeting with Dindo, I realized that I had met someone with a true understanding of all of the stages of recovery. He explained to me all the physical and mental stages of my recovery enabling me to anticipate and prepare for those stages. Throughout this Dindo remained encouraging and supportive not only to me, but to those closest to me. He provided counsel to my wife and my parents so they would be reassured of my progress. As time went on, Dindo started providing me with the life tools to stay clean. He allowed me to see outside myself and understand the effects my addiction had on the people around me. We began to repair relationships with my wife and parents with sessions that included them. Dindo addresses and advises on all aspects of life, and introducing them only when the time is right.

Throughout my sessions with Dindo, I am happy to say I have been clean for 9 months which is the first time in 8 years that I have been clean. More importantly, my wife and I have gained a good friend who has been there for us through every step of my recovery. With Dindo's deep understanding of people, and knowledge of addiction, I know that seeing him was one of the best decisions of my life. My family and friends thank you for all of your work with us!

Grateful in recovery from Canada

I was a very worried mother whose only daughter and child had succumbed to the use of drugs and alcohol to party - her way to temporarily forget discontentment in life. Though she was not a heavy user like my older brother who died of drug abuse, I somehow saw that she may, eventually, get there if I will not do anything to seek help soon for her and for me, as co-dependent. I love her so much, to allow it to happen.

It was my daughter's best friend, a former patient too, who highly recommended Dindo Ayuyao to me. Feeling the immediate need to save my daughter, I did not hesitate to call on him. He was very accommodating and pleasant. As he briefly described his Intensive Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program, I knew that I found the perfect counselor for my 21 y/o daughter.

A few months before my daughter met Dindo, she took it upon herself to initially drop the use of drugs, minimize her alcohol intake and cigarettes. However, it was not suffice for me. I needed to determine the root cause why she had indulged into the use of drugs and alcohol in the first place. If she had any resentment towards me or her family, I needed to know them. My problem was, I did not know how to reach out to her. I felt that it was necessary to have a third party who could facilitate our communication. And that third party became Dindo.

My daughter's best friend took the initiative to personally introduce her to Dindo. Their first meeting was very cordial and my daughter immediately felt rapport dealing with him. The succeeding meetings never became an issue, it actually became her priority. He was not only a counselor to her, but her sounding board, trouble-shooter and most importantly a trusted friend with whom she could relate to with ease. In the end, Dindo became my friend too.

From the bottom of my heart, I'd like to thank Dindo, for so many things – for his endless kindness and understanding, for bridging the gap between my daughter and me, for listening patiently to our problems (not to determine who was right and wrong but how to resolve our problems), for making us understand the roles we each have to play, for giving us sound advices, for helping us look forward to a more harmonious relationship through mutual trust and respect, and most of all, for strengthening our love for each other.

My daughter is a survivor. She is more focus with her work and responsibilities now. Gradually, she is learning how to cope up with life with a happier disposition instead of negativity and impatience. She finds time and enjoyment to be with her family now. But what gives me enormous joy and satisfaction is that she has made me part of her life again. I am not only her mother now, but her best friend. Thank you so much, Dindo, for giving me back my daughter.

Mother from Makati

Thank you Dindo, in the two years or so you have worked with my son and myself, there have been so many transformations.  We do not look for miracles but only for a bit of sanity and space.  Parents are always well-meaning.  I do not think one deliberately sets out to maim his child…but there is so much pain, comprehensible or not.  And you Dindo are the great arbiter, the objective interpreterer, the well-meaning and trusted adviser.  There is nothing to be said or done about the past, still we feel the effect inevitably.  In the here and now though, Dinds, we have our little victories.  No great expectations, a lot of unconditional love, witholding judgement, we live and love and try to temper our disappointments with hope.

But, Dindo, the greatest thing is to be able to sleep well, and to wake up knowing that the burden is being shared and born by one who knows what he is doing.  The trust has grown over the years, affection, laughter…the kinship of a common goal to heal and to make right and to strengthen.  God is a presence that puts all things in its perspective, and you are a friend whose council has always been tempered with kindness, compassion and caring.

Mother from New Manila

My brother was an addict half of his life (he will be 45 this year), tried to stop his addiction on his own but eventually lost because there was no proper management and coaching.  Though my brother was peaceful addict he never knew the real context of the word RESPONSIBILITY because our Papa was always there for him.

When Papa died in 2007, my brother lost the main pillar of his life and it was then that his family life started to crumble including our siblings relationship with his wife and kids.  For 2 years and a half my brother continues to be in denial thinking that his addiction is not the source of our entire problem.

After spending Christmas 2008 without Papa, with a very depressed Mama and an irresponsible brother, I started search the web for a treatment that will be fit for my brother and the situation.  It was then that I learned about out-patient drug rehabilitation and Dindo’s name keeps on popping up in all searches.

I contacted and meet Dindo in February 09 and I started the 5 months courtship with my brother to try this new type of rehab.  He told me he can stop his addiction on his own which I know is very impossible.  Then like a miracle, in the last week of June 09, my brother raised the white flag and agreed to meet Dindo.

In the next 6 months of 2009 my brother found a therapist, coach, guidance counselor, mentor and friend in Dindo.  The nicest thing with Dindo is he extends it to my brother’s family, providing guidance and assistance for him and us to start on the right footing   My brother’s life turned 180 degrees for the better and his family now sees him as the pillar they can count and lean on.  Now there is peace and harmony in our family and I’m sure our Papa is happily watching us.

My brother’s recovery program was on tracked because he was decided and focused to make it successful.  According to him “failure is not an option”….and so be it with God’s help we know that Dindo was, is and will always be there to guide, mentor and be his (our) friend in this continuing battle.

Sister from the Visayas

Bearing witness

December 2007 marked a turning point in my life as this is when I was introduced to Dindo by a friend who had already gone through intensive in-patient rehabilitation a number of years back. This friend I trust utterly, and all he asked of me was that I promise to talk to Dindo. Thus began what I consider a solid friendship and what is now over a full year of being clean.

I have had a long relationship with meth, which I tried when it first hit these shores in the early eighties. But I stayed away from this drug for many many years while I continued my lifelong love affair with alcohol. Somewhere along the line I picked up the use of meth recreationally, and as my active alcoholism waned by attending meetings, starting in the late 90’s, my use of meth began to become more habitual after 2004. This i linked to extreme pressures I was having with work and marriage. In truth I had found a place where I could retreat from the hard challenges of life we all must confront. I can blame no one but myself.

By 2007 my use of meth had become completely beyond the realm of recreational use. Each “run” I would have would be longer, and the intervals between use would become shorter, and my use was no longer among friends but alone. With each score I was reaching new unexplored levels of addiction and abuse. My list of excuses was running out. My family were beside themselves over what to do about me, as none were able to fully confront me about “the problem”. Everyone could see the terrible changes coming over me that are symptomatic of meth abuse – my friends, coworkers, and most of all my family. I could see these too but was stuck in the downward spiral of addiction. Yet all I needed was that simple promise made to a friend I trusted to “talk to dindo”.

All I can say is it worked. Dindo has an intelligent, engaging and sympathetic nature that leads to a conference of trust and with it a flexibility of options. He tells it like it is, and if full in-patient treatment would be needed, that would be the way to go. Fortunately for those who love me, and myself, I was able to arrest my abuse with Dindo’s tireless, consistent, and wise help, counsel and attention, without resorting to in-patient rehabilitation. Dindo brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table of personal recovery.

Throughout my engagement with Dindo, we both maintained a spirit of complete honesty. We did this while sharing a great sense of humor, always keeping in mind the seriousness of addiction. Where what I needed was beyond his level of expertise or training, Dindo brought in an astonishing armada of networks and contacts who did have what I needed. Dindo never forgets who his true client is -the recovering addict -and therefore treats the client with the dignity they deserve and often lack from all others.

I have been clean for over a year but know that I could slip back into use if I lose sight of the methods and goals that Dindo taught me. I also know that Dindo is just a phone call away and will drop everything to help me out if need be. My struggle with alcohol continues, one day at a time. But in this struggle too Dindo gave me encouragement to continue with the treatment option I chose for myself long ago, to go the distance with what it has to offer. What Dindo gave me most of all was simply hope. God bless you, Dindo Ayuyao.

-Recovering from the South of Manila

The first time I tried meth or “shabu” was in 1986. I thought it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I loved it the first moment I tried it. Little did I know that it would not only ruin my life but also my relationship with my family. To say that I was hooked and addicted to meth is an under statement. I don’t know what it was, I cant even find the right words to describe how I used to love the drug.

In 1999 my parents had me sent to a rehabilitation facility, but just like any other addict I was in denial. Although I completed the whole six-month program but still deep inside me I wasn’t ready to quit using. I was a very sick person to say the least. Using and selling drugs became my forte’ so to speak. It was the first thing I would do when I get up everyday. Four years later I was sent to another rehab and another and another…it was like a yearly thing for the next 3 years that it was like my second home.

My parents were about to give up on me, but thank God because before they decided to do that they tried one more time to help me. This was when they got in touch with Dindo who would be my confidant for the next few months.

When I first met Dindo, honestly I was kinda hesitant to try his program. But he had an approach which was I felt was totally different from the other programs I went through before. Dindo had a very realistic approach to my problem. He gave me two choices, to go on with what I was doing or change and have a better life. THAT WAS IT. I swear, the moment he said that over dinner, it actually woke me up and realize that I cant go on doing this and that I needed to change. That’s when I agreed to go to Asian Hospital in Manila for detox. After a week in detox, that was the first time I felt so clean in the last 20 years.

Every Tuesdays, Dindo would fly from manila to cebu, This is where I use to leave. It was something I really looked forward to. This went on for the next 8 months or so. Although helping myself and the deciding to change my life was up to me, Dindo was there to guide me in doing that. He helped me build bridges and break the walls I built. He bridged the communication gap I had with my dad. To my parents and myself, he was a miracle that happened to our family. The best thing about Dindo’s program were the “CLEAN & SOBER STICKERS” that he gave me. LOL!

I’ve been sober for over a year now with a good and stable job. I have found self esteem and forgiveness for myself. I have learned a sense of responsibility and have learned to take care of myself. I never saw the beauty of life until I was sober. And until today, I still think about how lucky I am that I was able to survive all the crazy things I did my 20 years of active using which was more than half of my life but most of all I’m so lucky to meet someone like Dindo who showed me that there was hope in life no matter what.

Mistakes are always part of life, what you do after that is what matters.

-Recovering Buddy (Ft. Lauderdale)

About seven years ago, my son was misbehaving in high school and eventually dropped out of college. He was getting weirder and weirder. My wife and I could not figure it out. We had no idea then he was manifesting drug induced behavior. This situation continued for a while.

One day he talked to his mom and told her that he was taking drugs, primarily shabu.

Our world ended that moment. Everything I feared most happened to my family. We then brought him to Makati Medical Center. He was detoxified and the attending doctor suggested we bring him to a leading rehabilitation center in Paranaque, which we did

We had peace for about four months, my wife and I even attended support groups in Makati.

Again he started manifesting weird behavior. We brought him to the same rehab center after detox in St. Claire’s this time. This is where we met DR. Yat. Unfortunately the same pattern emerged. We had peace and lost it again soon. He even convinced me that Dr. Yat was no good and the detox St. Claires was no good and the rehab center’s program was no good either.

At some point we brought him to MMC basement where he stayed confied with all the crazies. What an experience that was but to no avail.

At some point he even convinced me that he was being hunted down by pushers so I agreed to take him to the province to stay with his uncle.

When things got too hot for him he came back to manila.

All in all I believe he went to rehab 6 times but the results were all iffy and periods of peace were very short.

One day we finally got him into physically hurting each other. Somehow things settled down for a while. Things were not normal in the house. We were all scared of him and what HE MIGHT DO.

I decided this cant go on. I had him physically dragged out of the house and brought to St. Claire’s for detox under the care of Dr. Yat. I had also decided to send him to a long term rehab, centers that woul keep him away for at least six months, after detox.

While in St. Claire’s , he was visited my “Dindo” Ayuyao. He was presented a proposal to try this new program to help him get out of his addiction. My son told me about it. At first I was hesitant. I didn’t want him in my house anymore. This was another ploy to stay out of long term rehab of which I had threatened him many times. What’s more would it work?


After discharge from detox he came home and started the program with dindo. Days then weeks and then months passed by. My son was and is well. It has been two wonderful years of peace and love at home. “IT’S A MIRACLE” is the only way I can describe it. He is now working. He has been promoted three times in a row. He also shows maturity and caring towards me and his mom. He finally helps around the house. I can count on him. I on my part shower him with love and of course material things. We are one happy family now.

Thanks “DINDO”

-Father from Makati City

My son started treatment with Dindo on 14 September 2006.

It took some time for my son to agree to the treatment. Once he did agree, it changed him completely. He did a 180 degree turn. Dindo was able to make him see the error of his ways, to view life in a positive light. My relationship with my son improved a hundred fold. My son always looked forward to his meetings with Dindo. After his meetings, he would come home so happy. A new person. The son who was always angry, destructive and pessimistic was gone. Never to be seen again. Dindo makes you see life with optimism.

Every one around my son has noticed the change in him. It has definitely been a welcome one.

My son’s therapy with Dindo lasted 9 months. We have moved forward in leaps and bounds. Up to today, my son still talks about the life lessons he has learned from Dindo.

What is wonderful about Dindo’s treatment is that it is out-patient therapy. You continue to live in the outside world, dealing with everyday stuff. You are not kept under lock and key.

I would and have recommended Dindo to anyone in need of treatment.

- Single Mom (Alabang)


Matrix Institute on Addiction Model - Dindo Ayuyao